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Who is Anatoly "Tony" Vanetik?

Since founding Vanetik & Associates, a venture capital firm in 1995, Anatoly "Tony" Vanetik has a long and rich history of success in both business and life. He currently serves as the Managing Director and Owner of the capital firm based in California that deals primarily with the oil and gas industry and similar resource related businesses, including energy, chemicals and lubrication products.

Tony Vanetik has vast international business experience, including deals with countries of the former Soviet Union. He has nearly two decades of experience as a trusted advisor and fiscal supporter for various companies.

Anatoly's Background

Tony Vanetik grew up in the Soviet Union and attended Kiev University, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering and graduated with a Master of Science degree. 

After graduation, Anatoly moved to the United States in 1978 and began his professional career by working for a Lockheed Martin subsidiary. There, Vanetik put his skills as a mechanical engineer on full display, working on multiple major projects within the organization. Later, Tony determined that he had built up the leadership and business qualities he needed to successfully start and run his own engineering firm, founding Componex Corp. Tony operated Componex Corp. until it was successfully sold in 1988, and at this point he delved more into the oil and gas industries.

Tony Vanetik's defining characteristic is his ability to merge business initiatives together from global industries and businesses. He has been a key figure in selling numerous Kazakhstani oil and gas licenses to oil and gas exploration companies in the Western world. As a strategic consultant, he offered his expertise in legal rights and licensing deals, which shaped major deals between Western nations and Kazakhstan and Russia in the mining, exploration, and eventual sales of oil and gas.

Anatoly's Interests and Hobbies

Outside the business and oil and gas industries, Tony Vanetik has numerous hobbies and interests that help to keep him grounded and in-the-moment. He has a deep and understated appreciation for art and art history. He started a blog on which he posts monthly art history blogs detailing some of humanity's most original and world-changing pieces of art throughout Earth's history.

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